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FusionPoweredSoftware Now Has a Twitter Page

FusionPoweredSoftware is now on Twitter. Follow us to get the latest updates and news: @FusionPoweredSW

One-Week Project 1 Revealed!

Today I’ve added Swingin’ George to the games section, which was the brainchild of the first one-week project. So download Swingin’ George for your iPhone today and stay away from hungry crocodiles! Android version is coming soon! Here’s a screenshot:    

What does it take to design a game?

Designing a game can be daunting, time-consuming, and ultimately very frustrating without the proper tools and know-how. Over the years, we’ve accumulated knowledge from a vast array of resources that have helped us improve our game design skills immensely. Game design is not just simply about constructing rules and content. Neither is it just aboutContinue Reading

Mini-story Monday, Episode 6: Reason and Purpose

This was the funeral. This was the room filled with people dealing with the loss. Asking the questions. Getting no answers. What answers could you, would you expect? He was a man who had a wife and a son and he lost his job and it all seemed useless, pointless, hopeless and so, he killedContinue Reading

Mini-story Monday, Episode 5: The Coming Storm, Part 5

The two men behind Carl, looked down at their feet and then moved back towards their table. “You siding with this piece of shit,” Carl said, his anger bubbling. “No,” the man said, “I’m just making sure no one does anything stupid.” Carl thought about this and stepped back further. He put his hands upContinue Reading

Mini-Story Monday, Episode 5: The Coming Storm, Part 4

He placed the two glasses on the bar and waited for the bar tender to notice him. The room was more crowded than when he had first come in. He looked and saw a table full of ex drivers. He turned quickly, hoping that, because he wasn’t in uniform, they wouldn’t notice him. He hadContinue Reading

Mini-Story Monday, Episode 5: The Coming Storm, Part 3

Why do you have to say motor vehicle, like some kind of … I don’t know … high browed, faggot.” The word surprised Briggs. That was a word he never used. Language he heard coming from the drivers, the technicians, but, language he never used. He prided himself on being well spoken. Being precise withContinue Reading

Mini-Story Monday, Episode 5: The Coming Storm, Part 2

Tried to regain the high ground. Tried to exert his strength. He reached out and caught her by the ankle. His right hand clamped around her right ankle as she turned to leave. His intention was to stop her, pull her down onto the floor, climb on top of her and make her listen. MakeContinue Reading

Mini-Story Monday, Episode 5: The Coming Storm, Part 1

Captain Briggs sat in the back corner of Flaherty’s. The quiet table. Tucked in the back near the rest rooms. The table that you didn’t even know was there unless you needed to take a piss or wanted a quiet place to feel up the girl who you’d been feeding drinks to all night. ThatContinue Reading

Mini-Story Monday, Episode 5: The Coming Storm

We’ve got another great story today from Paul which picks up where we left off in the 4th episode. Things are about to get real ugly in this one as a storm brews within the Road Pirates universe. Here it is… episode 5…