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Development System for Road Pirates, Update 1

When we started development for Road Pirates, we thought it would be beneficial to have a system that would quickly allow us to quickly create cards for the game. We wanted a system that would expedite the process of creation and testing. The Road Pirates wiki was our first solution and it has worked quite well so far. However, it’s clear to us that there will eventually come a time when we will need something more. This is exactly why we have been working on a system that is more targeted towards what we need. We needed a system that will would help us to:

  • organize cards by their type, title, image, description, and attributes
  • configure the layout of cards using a WYSIWYG editor
  • automatically generate the layout of multiple card-types based on a template layout
  • test the game using a virtual representation of the cards

While we are working hard to create this system, we did tell GameHouse Partners that we would have the free version of Rotago available in one month and that we would integrate their SDK into the free version. Therefore, we think it’s only best that we concentrate on Rotago for the time being. We figure that once we have completed all other objectives, this will give us more free time to work on Road Pirates. We want to create something that everybody will enjoy, so we’re taking our time to be on the safe side. We’re afraid that if we rush things that we will not have thought them through thoroughly enough and that this would result in us making a lot of poor decisions down the road. We’ll still be working on Road Pirates, but we’ll be focusing more on Rotago for the time being. Thanks for keeping up with the blog and stick around: there will lots of interesting things to come!