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Improvements to Rotago, Update 4

It has been a while since the blog has been updated, but I wanted to reassure everyone that we are hard at work creating the improved version of Rotago and brainstorming ideas for Road Pirates and other potential future projects. The new improvements have gone beyond our original objectives. As stated on the 16th of January, our original objectives looked like this:

  • Improved App Icon
  • Improved Triangles
  • Scoreboard for Beginniner levels
  • Improved Visual Markers (things such as a lock symbol on levels that cannot be accessed until unlocked and more clearly marked objectives)
  • Improved Tutorial Messages (tutorials will get their own box, and the user will hit okay. If the user wants to see it again, they will hit the HINT button.)
  • In-Game Scoreboard System
  • Multiple higher-resolution backgrounds
  • A free version, with ads.

In the past few weeks, a lot of work has been done and changes have been made to the objectives. Our objectives now look like this:

  • Improved App Icon DONE
  • Improved Triangles DONE
  • Scoreboard for Beginniner levels BEGINNER LEVELS REMOVED
  • Improved Visual Markers DONE
  • Improved Tutorial Messages REPLACED BY HELP WINDOW
  • In-Game Scoreboard System
  • Higher-resolution background DONE
  • A free version. OFFICIAL GAME WILL BE FREE

In addition, we’ve added a few extra objectives. Some of them have already been completed:

  • Help window, accessible from main menu
  • New gameplay style that is more action-driven DONE
  • Non-mandatory objective: additional visual cues?

Everyone who has played and tested the new version agrees that it it’s far more entertaining then its predecessor. We’ve had a couple people request that they still have access to the old game, which is why we’ve decided to rename the old game to Rotago Classic. This update should be really exciting and we’re eager to see players’ reactions to all the new changes. In the meantime, we’re still coming up with ideas for Road Pirates and we have some really good ideas for other potential games in the back burner.

In the future, we’ll try to keep everyone posted on a more regular interval than the past couple weeks. With all the changes made, we’ve been very busy coding and testing away. As the final updates are being put into place, we’re starting to concentrate more on the media and letting everyone know about the coming update. So, keep your eyes open – there will be more updates to come!