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Making Improvements to Rotago, Update 1

Rotago is going through some minor cosmetic changes, as well as a few other changes. When complete, the newer version of Rotago will feature:

  • Improved App Icon
  • Improved Triangles
  • Scoreboard for Beginniner levels
  • Improved Visual Markers (things such as a lock symbol on levels that cannot be accessed until unlocked and more clearly marked objectives)
  • Improved Tutorial Messages (tutorials will get their own box, and the user will hit okay. If the user wants to see it again, they will hit the HINT button.)
  • In-Game Scoreboard System
  • Multiple higher-resolution backgrounds
  • A free version, with ads.

These are the plans for the next release of Rotago. We are estimating this to be completed in about 2-3 months. We’ll keep everyone posted as we move along. There will be lots of interesting things to show in the near future so stick around.