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Mini-Story Monday, Episode 1: In the Beginning, Part 4

“The Ark,” Frank whispered to the air, “the flood.” Frank thought about the story. He had heard it as a child, heard it in church. He was a God fearing man, most of the time. He went to church when he could. If he was on the road, he’d stop at one of the many trucker’s chapels on highways and truck stops. The story of Noah’s Ark. The Ark. The flood. The connection to creation. That’s probably why the company chose the name, Noah Industries builds the ark, how trite, Frank thought, how obvious. There’s also the cycle, Frank began to roll the thought in his mind. The cycle of creation, Un-creation and then … re-creation. A cycle. He played this notion in his head and the sun pulled back the black curtains of night. Milly stepped onto the porch in her robe. “Did you sit here all night, Frank,” She asked and he looked her, she saw something in his eyes, some spark, some new light, “what is it, Frank?” he thought for a moment. “The ark,” he said to her.

“Oh, Frank,” she sighed, she knew it would take some time for him to come to grips with it, she knew she had to be patient, “I know, I know, it’s the name of …” “No,” he stopped her, stood up, put his hands on her shoulders, “in the Bible, the ark.” She thought for a moment, her Sunday school teacher’s mind engaging, thinking remembering.

“Genesis, Noah’s ark, which is probably why they …” “Named the project, yes, I thought of that,” Frank said, “Pretty damned obvious,” she said and he laughed, “Thought that too,” he said, “but, the ark, it’s mentioned twice in the bible, isn’t it?” Again, she thought.

“Well, in the Hebrew Bible it’s called teba,” she told him, “it’s mentioned in Genesis, as the ark Noah built under God’s instruction and in Exodus, Moses is placed in the teba, the basket by his mother.” He stepped away, walked to the far end of the porch and thought about it.

“Un-creation,” he said, “re-creation.” He paced and she watched, “Moses took them from Egypt, he un-created their place as slaves and re-created their place in the chosen land.” Milly nodded. He paced again. “Frank,” Milly said, “are you all right?” he turned to her, smiled and then moved across the porch quickly, took her in his arms and kissed her. He then jumped off the porch and ran to his truck.