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Mini-Story Monday, Episode 2: Ariel in the Darkness, Part 2

“Trevor, doll,” Ariel said and the shadow voice, now made flesh, laughed loud, “how are you tonight?” Trevor smiled into the darkness, not able to pin point where Ariel was. Her voice here now there. He moved slow in his light, like an actor sizing up his audience.

“I’m fine, white girl,” Trevor said, facing where he was sure Ariel stood, “what can I do for you tonight, my love.” He said. Silence. Trevor peered into the dark, trying to see her silhouette. He thought he saw her, made out an outline in the contrast of light and dark.

“Am I your love,” Ariel whispered into his right ear and he turned fast coming nose to nose with her. Both now in the light. “Ah, white girl,” he said, laughing, trying to cover his shame at being tricked, trying to cover the extra beat his heart had slammed against the walls of his rib cage. “Aren’t you just the devil.” She smiled. He sighed. Ariel took one step toward him and brought her mouth dangerously close to his. He held his breath, closed his eyes and wanted. How many times had he wished for this, dreamed of this. Her kiss, his hands on her. Running with freedom over her curves. He closed his eyes and opened his mouth slightly, thinking this time, yes, this time she will, this time. Ready to receive her kiss, eyes closed he was … vulnerable. She liked this. She put her right hand on his chest, leaned in closer. He tensed. Suddenly, a trucked rolled by on the street, kicking up dirt, sending paper wrappers swirling around their feet. Ariel looked to the truck. She stepped away from Trevor, he stayed, poised wanting. She moved to the edge of the light, looking into the cab of the truck as it rumbled by. See looked, hoping against hope to see the head of a driver, the cap, the hand with the radio to the mouth. She prayed to see a person, a human. All she saw was the blinking red and green lights on the dash. The auto-driver. She bent quickly and grabbed a tin can, threw it with all her strength and it bounced off the hood of the cab.