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Mini-story Monday, Episode 4: The Warrior Michael, Part 4

“What do you think of that,” Frank asked as they walked on slowly.

“What do I think,” he said, “I think it’s an interesting idea. I think, if they are looking for pay back or revenge, they need to be smart about it.

They need to have a plan. They need to have organization. They need to be clear about who’s in charge and who’s doing what. That’s what I think.”

Frank nodded and the two men stopped further on from the last spot. Michael handed Frank the rifle. “That’s about three now, see what you can do.”

Frank took the rifle and then took the shell that Michael held out. “So, this group, this disgruntled pack of ex-truckers,” he said, loading the shell into the rifle, “what you’re saying is they need some guidance. They need someone to organize them internally. Someone with …I don’t know, say, some military training. Someone who can instruct them. Get them working together, smooth, smart.” He shouldered the rifle, breath in, breath out, hold, count three, squeezed the trigger. The can shook and stayed on it’s perch. Frank lowered the rifle, looked down range. “Three-second hold,” he said. “Nice shot,” Michael said. “Thanks,” Frank said, handing the rifle back, “tell me, Michael, would you happen to know anyone like that?” Michael loaded the rifle, put it to his shoulder and fired. The can shook and came to a stand still. Michael lowered the rifle, looked down range and then looked back at Frank.

“You know, Frank,” he said, “I just might.”

To be continued…