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Should Rotago have a story?

One of the things that has been considered is giving Rotago a story. Why? Well, perhaps there is a part of us that wants to know the reason for the game featuring a space theme. Of course, the real reason why we decided to choose a space theme is because of its tranquil nature and its overall lack of bright colors. Clouds, landscapes, mountains, and even orbital perspectives of Earth where all tried but none of them worked; they were all distracting in one way or another and didn’t give enough light contrast to the puzzle pieces. So the clear winner was the space theme, which we eventually decided to capitalize on with an astronaut avatar and even the appearance of the title was inspired by the glowing sign of a Space & Rocket museum here in town. We even considered adding debris fields, meteors, and occasionally a glimpse of speedy spacecraft traveling through space but this would have been too much. In retrospect, that would have just unnecessarily prolonged the development time. Personally, I have no intentions of fitting in a story before releasing the free version of Rotago this February, primarily due to the lack of time. However, we have considered it only as a future addition – along with a few other ideas that may or may not make it to the final cut. Even so, it is not necessary but it may help players get excited about the game if they feel there is something at stake (even if it is not real). Feeling emotions and sympathy for fictional concepts seems almost absurd, but then again – isn’t this one of the primary factors that keeps us entertained while watching movies or reading books? It’s true that bejeweled and most puzzle games have no storyline, but perhaps a little change wouldn’t hurt. It’s just something to consider.