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Mini-Story Monday, Episode 2: Ariel in the Darkness, Part 5

“Something has to change, Trevor,” she said after a moment, “this … this just sucks.” She swept her hand across the landscape of trash, grime and nothingness. He agreed with her but said there was not much to be done. “Money rules,” he said, “ I know you got screwed pretty bad with the auto-drive laws but, that’s just money saying look at me, look what I can do.” She knew he was right. She had known nothing else but money saying look at me, look what I can do. But she had worked hard. She had fought tooth and nail, a woman in a man’s world of driving. She was ready to stand up, scream look at me, look what I can do. She knew she had something to offer. She knew and that’s why she was there.
“Maybe money won’t rule forever,” she said. She looked at her watch and then heaved her body, liquid and light, off the wall and started down the alley toward the street, “Maybe things are about to change.” Trevor followed her to the end of the alley. He turned right and she started to the left.

“Come on, white girl,” Trevor said and she stopped, “come, I’ll but you some drink and we can talk more.”

“Can’t,” she said, “I have to go, I have to meet someone,” she told him and then turned and walked away.

“Come on now, white girl,” Trevor said, “one drink.” She waved but didn’t turn around.

“Where you going, huh, who you have to meet?”

“Moses,” Ariel said and then disappeared into the darkness.

To Be Continued…