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One-Week Project Wednesdays

We’ve been doing a lot of brainstorming and we’ve come up with a lot of great ideas lately and we’d like to try our best to get them all finished. A lot of the projects that we’ve considered could be knocked out in as little as a week. With the new Rotago well on its way to completion, and Road Pirates in its early stages, it seems safe to say that there is a little time for small projects in between. We have decided to start One-Week Project Wednesday. Starting this Wednesday, we will brainstorm and use all the ideas we have come up with to create a game and submit it to be published in one week and we will do this again in a month near the end of March. The goal is to do this without letting it interfere with our normal schedules, which means we’ll have to keep it simple but we’ll try to make it fun. Let’s see what happens!