Innovative Software-Development Solutions

Company Objectives

Presently, we have about 5 different objectives we are trying to work on simultaneously. These objectives are:

  1. Create a Development System/Card Generation Platform for Road Pirates.
  2. Coming up with ideas for implementation, design, and gameplay mechanics of Road Pirates.
  3. Implement GameHouse Partners code into Rotago.
  4. Make Improvements to Rotago.
  5. Port Rotago to Android.

In addition, we are trying to keep the spirit alive by blogging on a daily basis, contributing to our private Road Pirates wiki, and informing our friends and family of our activities. All the while, we have jobs and responsibilities to keep funds coming which means that our time is limited but we do our best. We’re thankful to everyone who supports us and we just want you to know that we’re working hard to achieve these objectives. As usual, we’ll continue to keep you posted as we make progress and we hope can follow along. We’ll have lots of interesting things to come, so keep your eyes open. Until next time…