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Mini-Story Monday, Episode 1: In the Beginning

As promised, we have a terrific mini-story written for our readers that we’ve broken down into 5 parts. Today’s story is written by Paul Kiernan, who was a writer for the Walt Disney World Corp. for 9 years. He has approached the Road Pirates project with an excitement that has inspired everyone at Fusion Powered Software. We very much enjoyed reading his work and we are delighted to present his work on our blog. We hope our readers will also enjoy reading his work. Ladies and gentlemen: In the Beginning, by Paul Kiernan…


Company Objectives

Presently, we have about 5 different objectives we are trying to work on simultaneously. These objectives are: Create a Development System/Card Generation Platform for Road Pirates. Coming up with ideas for implementation, design, and gameplay mechanics of Road Pirates. Implement GameHouse Partners code into Rotago. Make Improvements to Rotago. Port Rotago to Android. In addition,Continue Reading

Mini-Story Monday

Let’s face it: stories are a critical part of life. They stimulate our minds, test our emotions, and help us see to things in a different way. This is just one of the many ways that we keep Road Pirates alive; by creating mini-stories about it. This is why we’ve decided to dedicate every MondayContinue Reading

Road Pirates, Day 12

In the past week, we have come up with a lot of good ideas for the game play mechanics of Road Pirates. Our collaborative development system is not yet ready and will likely not be ready until possibly a week from now, due to some last-minute changes fulfilling certain developer requests. In the mean time, we’reContinue Reading

Road Pirates, Day 5

We are still working on a collaborative development system as a tool of communication between developers. Very likely, it will be finished by tomorrow evening, but I can’t promise anything. In the meantime, we are also integrating GameHouse Partners’ cross-promotional code into Rotago, as well as making a few marginal updates to the game. ThingsContinue Reading

Road Pirates, Day 3

We are continuing to develop a collaborative development system that will better allow us to organize and execute game elements to expedite the process of design and testing. We are presently working on the interface and many of the core functions of the collaborative system have already been programmed, so we’re making a good start. Certainly we’reContinue Reading

Road Pirates, Day 2

Well, it looks like all our hard work has finally paid off. We’re finally finished. No wait, that’s not day 2. That would be more like year 2. Sorry. No actually, we’re starting slow but we’re making some progress as little as it is. I’m still waiting to hear back from my old middle schoolContinue Reading

Road Pirates Begins Development

FusionPowered Software is pleased to announce that Road Pirates is in development. We’ve taken the initial steps by setting up a Wiki page to help us organize our thoughts and ideas. Also, we’re working on a system that will allow us to test the game as we’re coming up with ideas. This is kind ofContinue Reading

The Fusion-Powered Light-Bulb

Before we started Fusion-Powered Software, we invented the fusion-powered light-bulb – a low-cost, energy efficient, extremely long-lasting (roughly 11-billion years!), and very abundant (as abundant as hydrogen and helium!) alternative to the incandescent light-bulb. Unfortunately, it won’t be available for another 500 years but the patent is pending. In the meantime, we’ve decided to createContinue Reading