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Mini-Story Monday, Episode 2: Ariel in the Darkness

Once again, we have another great mini-story written for our readers that we’ve broken down into (as usual) 5 parts. Today’s story is a continuation from last week and it was written by non-other than Paul Kiernan. We really enjoyed his last story and we were really eager to see what he’d produce for usContinue Reading

Road Pirates, Day 50

We’ve decided to simplify the mobile version of the game because we don’t want to bog down potential players with mundane details. We want to keep the game fun and player friendly. However, we will keep of all of our original ideas for consideration if we decide to a desktop version. This does not meanContinue Reading

Updates on Rotago, Update 6

Rotago is well on it’s way to completion. We’ve updated the screenshots in the games section to show everyone what the new Rotago will look like. There’s going to be quite a bit of improvements – much more than we anticipated! So check it out!

Improvements to Rotago, Update 5

Despite having completed many of the major milestones, I feel like I have opened a can of worms. I keep asking myself — well, what if I did this? Then, I’ll try it out and if I like it I’ll keep it. The problem is the opposite question: what if I didn’t do this? ThisContinue Reading

Improvements to Rotago, Update 4

It has been a while since the blog has been updated, but I wanted to reassure everyone that we are hard at work creating the improved version of Rotago and brainstorming ideas for Road Pirates and other potential future projects. The new improvements have gone beyond our original objectives. As stated on the 16th ofContinue Reading

Mini-Story Monday Postponed until February 17th

Mini-Story Monday has been postponed to the 17th of Feburary due to the upcoming re-release of Rotago. We are working as quickly and as diligently as possible to get the game done in a timely fashion to help our friends at GameHouse Partners to kick off their cross-promotional network, which is currently in beta. ThereContinue Reading

Improvements to Rotago, Update 3

As promised, the triangles have been modified to the match the icon and the result turned out surprisingly good. Here’s a comparison of the old triangles compared to the new:                    The first thing that you may notice is how much brighter and fuller the new trianglesContinue Reading

Should Rotago have a story?

One of the things that has been considered is giving Rotago a story. Why? Well, perhaps there is a part of us that wants to know the reason for the game featuring a space theme. Of course, the real reason why we decided to choose a space theme is because of its tranquil nature andContinue Reading

Making Improvements to Rotago, Update 2

One of things that was done in order to improve the previous version of Rotago was improving the icon design of Rotago. Here’s a look at the original compared to the new: If you’ve checked the games section in the past, you’d have noticed we’d already had this icon for quite some time now butContinue Reading

Road Pirate Description Update

Over the past few weeks, we’ve brainstormed a lot and we’ve made a few changes to the back story of the game. We’ve updated the description of Road Pirates on our website to better reflect our latest idea of Road Pirates. We think the changes that we’ve made are really for the better and weContinue Reading